New i4SCADA 3.8.4 - Making the most of your data


Our SCADA solutions make the most of your data to visualize and control your processes. Online, in almost real time, added analysis and prediction of events. We collect the data precisely where it occurs. Directly from sensors, in PLC systems or in your MES/ERP system and link the data to information. All made possible by a vast range of interfaces to all common protocols and automation devices.


The new 3.8.4 version of i4SCADA contains numerous new features providing completely new possibilities. In addition to the SmartEditor for HTML5, the new version additionally includes IoT SCADA Manager, product licensing, i4SCADA Studio and Service Manager. Discover the new features and convince yourself:

  • User friendly setup - quick and easy, including Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express.
  • SmartEditor for HTML5 visualizations - over 400 included HTML5 graphics, as well as preview option at design time with live rendering.
  • The new IoT SCADA Manager - your connection to the cloud and third party applications.
  • i4SCADA HTML5 templates for the usage in all common editors and development environments, like Visual Studio Code.
  • i4SCADA Studio - for a convenient parameterization and connection of your interfaces.
  • New licensing portal for more visibility and transparency about your i4SCADA products.
  • i4SCADA Service Manager - easy management of the individual services.
  • Completely updated documentation and Knowledgebase - available online on the web or pre-installed as a PDF document.

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