New firmware version 1.5 for X2 pro, X2 marine and BoX2 pro


We are happy to announce the release of a new image version for the X2 pro, X2 marine and BoX2 pro. This release focuses on support for CAN communication on the internal COM port, bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements.

What’s new in version 1.5?


Internal CAN
From the beginning of X2, we’ve had CAN interface built in on the hardware. From this release, we are happy to announce that we now can support it by means of software as well. As a consequence of this image release, iX Developer will have an updated CAN driver which supports both CANopen as well as FreeCAN.

The image has support for both Virtual COM as well as Direct FTDI drivers. Switching between virtual COM and Direct driver has to be carried out in the Diagnostics page on the panel.

Suppress battery warning
If, for any reason, the battery is intentionally removed, the battery warning can now be suppressed from the diagnostics page on the panel.

Support for non-English keyboards
From this release, we will support both Swedish and German keyboards if they are attached to the USB port.

Freezing problems at startup (IPNat)
Several customers reported an issue which was eventually discovered as a problem related to IPNat. This problem is now fixed in version 1.5.

BoX2 pro
Notice that the BoX2 pro image versioning has bumped up from 1.1 to 1.5. Previously, the BoX2 image was on its own branch, hence the difference in versioning. From this release, X2 pro/marine and BoX2 pro are the same binaries.

The new image can be downloaded from our file archive here.

Versions: X2 pro 1.5, X2 marine 1.5, BoX2 pro 1.5
Build number: b686