Beijer Electronics launches new improved BFI-E3 IP66 frequency inverters


We are happy to introduce our range of new improved BFI-E3 IP66 frequency inverters offering an extended feature set.

Among the new features and improvements supporting customer requests, we offer:

  • CE and UL approvals for outdoor use
  • Additional second serial port for user-friendly Modbus RTU or CANopen connection
  • EMC filter can be disconnected at screw terminals
  • Extended power range, 11 kW, with the same physical size as for 5,5 and 7,5 kW models
  • Removable metallic gland plate with 2 holes and possibility to punch more holes
  • Improved mechanical design of push buttons
  • More robust switch, potentiometer and main switch

More importantly, the new drives is 100% backward compatible: Physical width, height, mounting holes, control terminals and power terminals, all similar as for earlier versions. And the firmware is the same.

When installing the drive, more space is available inside for cabling attachment, input and out cabling aligned with the terminals. The depth of the drive is also reduced.

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