WebIQ 2.13 release: New trend display and much more!


We are happy to introduce WebIQ version 2.13 which brings users a lot of new features and improvements and fixes.


Project list improvement

For better usability the design and functionality of the project list has been improved. It now features two different types of views – tiles and list – that can be sorted and filtered. All of the demos previously only available in the WebIQ customer area can be now be downloaded right from inside WebIQ Designer into your project list!

To keep up with the latest news you can now see all of our current blog posts in WebIQ Designer as well.

IQ trend widget & recorder improvements

The new IQ trend widget and corresponding additional trend widgets have been completely reimplemented as new widgets than can be added to any new and existing WebIQ HMIs. The previous trend widgets have therefore been moved to the legacy category and can still be used, but will not be developed any further.

The IQ trend display widget supports up to two handles to show the current values at the selected position for the recorded values. Comments can now also be added and edited on the timeline.

Support for triggering recordings has also been added. A recorder can be triggered automatically through a specific item condition (PLC tag) or manually through new UI Actions which allow you to start and stop recording through button widgets or any other widget that supports UI actions or through a custom LocalScript.

In addition recorders can be triggered to record a single dataset also via an item condition or a UI action.

Runtime manager improvements

“WebIQ System & License Manager” has been renamed to “Runtime Manager” and now also offers importing and exporting HMIs directly from within the web browser and starting and stopping them – which also enables or disables autostart, respectively. That makes it quite easy to import projects directly from e.g. a USB stick so you don’t have to transfer them remotely from a development system using WebIQ Designer.

In addition you can also download the current WebIQ Server logfile right from there which enables easy access to the log without requiring access to the file system.

Windows installer

The Windows installer has also been improved which now makes it quite easy to select what kind of system you would like to install.

If you wish to change the system later from e.g. a runtime system to a development system or vise versa just run the installer again or click on “Change” in the Windows installed programs panel to switch the installation.

Other notable changes

  • Items can now be marked as discrete and support tolerances (for trend display widgets)
  • Alarms can also be commented on from the Alarm List widget
  • The Alarm List widget can be filtered by groups
  • ..and much more

Learn more about WebIQ here.

Download the new WebIQ version 2.13 here.