iX Developer now includes the Emerson DNP3 driver


We are proud to announce the addition of our Emerson DNP3 driver to our list of drivers in iX Developer.

iX HMI software

The iX HMI software combines top-class graphics and smarter functions that provide intuitive operation on the spot. Not to mention the almost limitless connectivity to your other equipment through the extensive list of drivers.

The verified Emerson DNP3 driver in iX Developer SP7 supports Emerson FB1000 and FB2000 flow computers and FB3000 RTUs. With the addition of the Emerson DNP3 driver in iX Developer SP7 you will be able to utilize our entire range of X2 series HMIs with state-of the-art user interfaces and possibilities to include custom functionality with C# scripting. Our X2 HMI panels are IIoT ready by standard and fully prepared to move your machine data to the cloud.

The Emerson DNP3 driver allows fast deployment in rugged environments.

Time efficiency

  • Easy commissioning of tags using iX Developer
  • Supports changing driver parameters in runtime

Optimized data

  • Read access of both single and multiple batch transactions, file operations for obtaining big data such as alarms-, event- and historic logs

Seamless connection

  • Support for reading additional tag attributes, as well as restarting the FB-device via the driver

The Emerson DNP3 driver makes our X2 series and iX HMI software, the perfect solution for business-critical applications, regardless of industry.

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