X2 web with built-in firewall and support for containers


We are delighted to release the latest version of the X2 web firmware introducing built-in firewall and support for containers.

X2 firmware

With the new firmware installed, the X2 web HMI panels now have built in firewall to help protect our customers from malicious actors. Currently, the firewall blocks all incoming traffic except port 22 (SSH), which can be enabled or disabled from the device settings. The firewall may be configured via SSH terminal, using iptables command arguments.

We also introduce support for Docker containers. The Docker runtime has to be enabled from the device settings, prior to be able to deploy new container apps to the runtime. Currently, we do not provide any specific container apps and Beijer Electronics does not support third party container apps.

Please note, due to a recently published security vulnerability, we recommend to keep the port 22 blocked if the device is on a public network or its location is deemed to be externally exposed.

New features

  • Added support for Docker.
  • Added SSH enable/disable access via firewall using checkbox in Device settings.
  • New widget in Device settings to add or remove SSH public keys.
  • Added script to change mode from touch to mouse emulation via SSH.

Solved issues

  • Long touch issues are solved by means of changing touch to emulate as a mouse input device.
  • Solved issue with degree symbol font rendering.
  • Increased the automatic logout interval time.

Go to SmartStore here to download the image.