Welcome to the iX Developer 2.40 SP7!


The SP7 release includes new functionality, security updates and bug fixes.

iX HMI software

Added functionality:

  • OPC UA: Added option to configure OPC UA Client sampling settings.
  • Media Player: Option to scale videos in runtime.
  • Multiple Languages: Option to set font and font size scaling for individual languages.
  • On Screen Keyboard: Option to scale keyboards based on width or height of target.
  • Alarm Viewer: Support for Acknowledge visible and Clear visible alarms.

Security updates:

  • OPC UA: Security updates from supplier.


  • By enabling your X2/BoX2 device to send data to acirro+ you will now be able to get health and diagnostics data. Knowing the health status of your devices helps you to plan and do maintenance. You will know if your devices are ok and if not, the information will make troubleshooting a lot easier.


  • iX Developer now includes the Emerson DNP3 driver. The driver in iX Developer SP7 supports Emerson FB1000 and FB2000 flow computers and FB3000 RTUs. The Emerson DNP3 driver allows fast deployment in rugged environments.

Bug fixes:

  • See release notes in Smartstore.

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