Introducing CloudVPN portal 2.0


We are proud to present the new CloudVPN portal 2.0, the web-based portal for configuring the setup and managing your CloudVPN gateway installations offering smart and user-friendly features.


Our CloudVPN solution offers a cyber secure and powerful remote access to your equipment and devices located on-site with different connectivity options. It is easy to install and configure, and the new CloudVPN portal offers smart and user-friendly features:

Simple and intuitive to use:

  • Easy to use graphical dashboard/UI editor.
  • Intuitive system which is easy to pick up and use.
  • Easy to deploy device templates to simplify engineering.
  • Easy user management with role-based access.

Flexible ways to customize and present information:

  • Brand your own portal experience with customizable colors, logo, etc.
  • All the information you need at a glance with customizable card view.
  • Customizable pages, dashboards and information for each device.

Secure with great control of user roles and access:

  • Role based access control.
  • Temporary access.
  • Fine-grained access control.
  • 2 factor authentication.
  • Secure Public API(s) for 3rd party application integration.

Click here to learn more about CloudVPN and the portal.