Beijer Electronics establishes a production unit in Malmö, Sweden


Beijer Electronics has decided to establish a unit for the production of HMIs in the X2 series in Malmö, Sweden. Main motives are to minimize risks and to get closer to large markets and important key customers with shorter lead times.

Beijer Electronics operates in markets with strong underlying growth and the demand for our products is increasing. Therefore, a complementary production unit will be established in Malmö that will primarily serve European customers and contribute to increased redundancy. In the long run, the establishment will also contribute to a reduced climate footprint and lower transport costs.

The brand-new production unit will be co-located with the existing European logistics center in Malmö and is expected to be ready for the first deliveries already in the second half of 2023. The establishment will initially create 15 new jobs in Malmö. The establishment of a complementary production unit in Malmö decision does not affect the existing production facility in Taiwan.