Driving innovation within fish-farming with advanced technology

The Norwegian company Steinsvik, are specialized in products and solutions for the aquaculture industry, striving to become a world-leading, technically advanced, and data driven company.

Steinsvik is world-leading in delivering products and solutions to aquaculture, maritime industries and the oil and gas industry, with a focus on companies in fish farming. Steinsvik has offices and clients all over the world. The world today is changing and becoming more and more connected, and most industries are developing and going through changes pushed by advancing technology. The aquaculture industry is no different.

Catching the opportunities of digitalisation

There is a desire within the entire industry to increase efficiency and further digitize processes to enhance production. Steinsvik see a trend with their customers wanting more control of their facilities and possibilities for remote operation. The background is big data and the value that lies within.
Steinsvik supplies equipment essential for profitable, sustainable and safe operation of fish farms. They deliver complete solutions for efficient feeding of fish. Their central feeding systems use Beijer products, as well as the control centers installed on the barges, and the control systems for filters and valves, products within their engineering solutions. Steinvik’s customers collect information on the environment in their fish farms – water temperature, quantity of fish feed, etc are used. They use this data combined with other parameters in the process to analyse their production facilities and thereby optimize operations.
With branded X2 control HMI’s from Beijer Electronics they are controlling the operations and sending data to an overlying IT system for data analysis. With a CODESYS based control system and iX HMI software they are able to offer their customers a flexible and scalable solution, adaptable to the size of the facilities.

Choosing a collaborative and flexible partner

What Steinvik was looking for in a supplier was great support, close collaboration and a solution that fitted to their requirements. With CODESYS they were able to use their own software in combination with Beijer Electronics PLC’s, which is a great value for them since a lot of development is done inhouse to be able to present innovative solutions to their customers in the fish farming industry.