Shuangliang Eco-Energy updates operator communication and kickstarts their digital journey

Shuangliang Eco-Energy is a global manufacturer of cooling systems with headquarters in China and listed amongst the top 500 companies in the country. Their energy saving chillers have been awarded for its eco-friendly solution and are used in chemical plants, power generation plants, etc. to cool equipment or material used in processes. When Shuangliang was looking for a new user interface for their machines, they partnered up with Beijer Electronics and got not only a modern operator communication, but also a kickstart of their digital journey.


Energy saving chillers from Shuangliang Eco-Energy 

Shuangliang has a broad customer base, and their products and equipment are exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. Their machines are used mainly in the petrochemical, steel, chemical, textile and biochemical fields. The steam chillers use steam coming from the facilities own processes as the energy source to create cool water used elsewhere in the process. The chillers save tremendous amount of electricity when able to utilize rich steam or gas resources which otherwise would have gone to waste. Shuangliang has been rewarded for their innovation and won the China Industrial Award in 2016, and the China Industrial Project Award in 2020. 


A new UI design to modernize the operator interface

When looking for a new HMI provider, Shuangliang requirements was to achieve a modern, intelligent user interface for the touch screens that operate their chillers. They wished to transform the visuals from a traditional style to a smart and modern layout. With X2 HMI and iX software they upgraded the overall style including graphics, screens and typefaces. New features were implemented such as smart login, automated data collection, QR code reading, hand-held scanners integration and other functions. As many other manufacturers, Shuangliang was looking for a compatible solution that would be able to communicate with different brands of controllers on the machine, which they accomplished with the upgrade to X2 HMIs and iX HMI software. 


Re-designing the operator interface

The Beijer Electronics FAE team delivered a complete re-designed and modern user interface including the migration of functionality from the previous solution to the new iX based platform. The project reduced the number of screens to half by using iX’s capabilities to refine the project structure and by using aliases. Shuangliang was pleased to know iX have support of .Net components to ensure the lifecycle for many years to come.


New opportunities with data, efficiency, and security

Partnering up with Beijer Electronics has opened up new opportunities for Shuangliang’s development team. A close collaboration between Shuangliang’s technical engineers and Beijer Electronics FAE team opened up discussions about data handling, improving efficiency and ensuring security. This was included in the project and kickstarted Shuangliang’s digital journey. All chillers are now IIoT ready, with the ability for connectivity to different platforms such as local Scada, MES and cloud. Functionality bringing Shuangliang better asset management, data security and remote maintenance. 



Customer challenges

• Needed to modernize UI design
• Compatible equipment for different branded controllers
• Incorporate future possibilities for digitalization
• Open and modern development platform
• Reliable quality and worldwide support

Why Beijer Electronics

• A modern user interface for operator communication
• 100+ drivers to guarantee the connection with 3rd party systems
• Technical support and open future-proof development platform
• The support of .Net components in iX developer
• IIoT ready connectivity to different platforms, such as local Scada, MES and cloud
• High security with C# scripting encryption algorithm to protect source code

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