Comprehensive solution for textile machine manufacturer

SETeMa (Scientifically Engineered Textile Machines) is a textile machine manufacturer, founded in 2002 in The Netherlands. Their approach to design and development of textile machinery is based on a deep understanding of the underlying processes. The company has been operating on the market for more than 20 years, providing a full range of machines from steamers to dryers to customers worldwide. Their ability to support the entire textile production process make SETeMa a strong player on the market enabling them to grow their business substantially. 

Alternative solution from Beijer Electronics

SETeMa was looking for a complete offering that would cover all their hardware and software needs. Using a combined solution would simplify the installation and configuration of the equipment, reducing the risk of potential problems occurring during the implementation. Another important aspect of the request was the availability of customer support throughout the entire process of implementing the solution, as well as ongoing support afterward.

This decision was also based on customer’s experience with a previous supplier of frequency inverters, PLCs, and other equipment. The customer encountered several challenges, including issues with the software and a lack of local customer support from the supplier. Therefore, SETeMa decided to move forward with another supplier and find a more suitable alternative.  

At the time, SETeMa's machines were equipped with HMI panels from Beijer Electronics, so the customer was well acquainted with the company and requested to find possible alternative for their case. In its turn, Beijer Electronics suggested a single-stack solution that would cover and simplify all hardware and software needs. 

The cooperation evolved over time, and SETeMa is now basing their solutions on Beijer Electronics IO systems, X2 pro HMI panels, Nexto Xpress compact controllers and BFI frequency inverters. Beijer Electronics field application engineers provided support to the customer assisting with various matters throughout the integration process.


“For us, it is important and even vital to get support if we have questions. We know that Beijer Electronics field application engineers are here for us, they are present and ready to help and support us when it is needed” says Nop Elemans, SETeMa. 


Complete transition to Beijer Electronics products

As SETeMa's customers vary much in size and number of employees, it’s important for SETeMa that their end customers are able to perform maintenance of machines which can be done by operators without technical background. The provided solution by Beijer Electronics ensures an intuitive application design, making it easy to use. Thus, allows SETeMa machines to be more accessible for various companies within textile industry.




Over the years, SETeMa made a complete transition and today most customers' machines are equipped with Beijer Electronics products. The customer continues to purchase equipment on a regular basis, including X2 pro HMI panels, Nexto Xpress compact controllers, G series IOs and BFI frequency inverters. Furthermore, SETeMa intends to remain a loyal Beijer Electronics customer as well as to build all their future machines with Beijer Electronics products only.


Learn more about the products in this solution:

• X2 pro HMIs
Nexto Xpres compact controllers

G series distributed IO
• BFI frequency inverters


Customer challenges:

Looking for a complete solution covering all hardware and software needs
Reduce risk of potential problems during the implementation

Why Beijer Electronics:

Single-stack solution covering all needs
Simplified installation and configuration of the equipment
Field application engineers are present, ready to help and support when needed

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