Integrated solutions for food and beverage

Integrated hardware and software solutions from Beijer Electronics enable the food and beverage industry to ensure accuracy in production planning and high-performance processes. We offer solutions that provide smart machine-to-machine data exchange and optimized interaction between different parts of production. As well as solutions which contribute to a faster time-to-market, reduce the total cost of ownership and increase overall equipment efficiency.


Secure integration to MES/ERP

Secure OPC UA communication combined with our BoX2 and CODESYS concept bridges the gap between production and management systems (MES and ERP) for production planning, track and trace and batch handling.

Keep track with audit trail

iX HMI software supports advanced process tracking with user identification linked to time and place of process events and enables process documentation, product recalls and rationalization of production processes.

Powerful alarm handling

A client-server architecture enables advanced alarm handling based on criteria such as users, schedules, tag type, etc. Each alarm has multiple properties with values that can be assigned dynamically enabling system customization.

Simple reporting and export

iX HMI software supports simple reporting and exporting of data. Reports of selected production data can be based on Microsoft Excel report templates. Reports can be saved as Excel or PDF files or exported to other systems.

Products for food and beverage

iX HMI software

Are you ready to modernize your operator interface? iX Developer software together with X2 HMIs will help you to achieve that goal. iX software combines top-class graphics with pre-styled objects and intuitive operation. And our X2 HMIs communicates with any type of PLC, regardless of brand.


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X2 base - Cost-effective HMIs

X2 base panels are cost-effective industrial HMIs with high-resolution touch-screens and modern design. The panels combine IP65 corrosion resistant plastic housing with the full version of the iX software, providing a cost-effective yet advanced HMI solution for small to medium applications.


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X2 pro - High performance HMIs

X2 pro includes a wide range of high performance industrial panels from ultra-compact 4-inch to 21-inch panels designed for demanding applications. All with the high performance of powerful ARM Cortex-A9 processors, the latest screen technology and a wide range of connectivity options to cover all your automation needs.


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X2 control - Integrated CODESYS control

X2 control panels combine industrial HMI and CODESYS PLC functionality in the same compact hardware. Panels range from ultra-compact 4-inch to 15-inch panels designed for demanding applications. Just add standard distributed I/Os and you'll get an elegant, scalable and cost-effective solution that's cutting-edge.


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Nexto Xpress compact controllers

Nexto Xpress compact controllers with embedded IOs are the perfect match for smaller and medium sized control applications. Nexto Xpress is available in four different hardware versions all supported by CODESYS, the leading hardware-independent IEC 61131-3 development tool on the market.


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Nexto modular PLCs

Nexto modular PLCs support our product philosophy of open transparent solutions across the entire product range. That means you can apply the same control project to different Beijer Electronics products depending on preferred choice and best match for the application.


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BoX2 edge controllers

BoX2 pro SC and BoX2 extreme SC edge controllers combine powerful IEC 61131-3 CODESYS applications with IIoT and cloud connectivity, HMI server functions as well as offering smart functions. BoX2 bridges the gap between the worlds of industrial automation and IT and make information from a industrial level easily accessible in a structured cloud-based data environment.


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BoX2 converters and IIoT gateways

BoX2 is a series of protocol converters, IIoT gateways and edge controllers that combine clever connectivity with smart functions such as local data base storage, alarm servers, data exchange, reporting, C# scripting, etc. BoX2 is easily configured with just a few clicks in WARP Engineering Studio. Smart functions are configured via iX software.


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Complete automation solution modernizes Swedish dairy

System integrator Etec wanted to base their solution for Källsjö Mejeri on a modern and open platform. The modular PLC Nexto and BCS Tools, the CODESYS based software, provided the performance and scalability needed for future expansions.


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