The smart way to control your gensets

Solutions for local control, data communication, remote access and IIoT

We need generators to add power in all sorts of situations. But how do you get the best out of your gensets? And how can you make them futureproof for years to come, saving time and money on usage and service?

Beijer Electronics provides a complete range of reliable, rugged, user-friendly, industrial genset products and solutions for local control, data communication, remote access and IIoT connectivity. Seamlessly integrated, they give you the option for local or remote operation and monitoring, for actionable insights and predictive maintenance.

All to make sure you generate optimal power.


User-friendly solutions for tough environments

Our HMI display solutions give you a way to offer reliable operation and monitoring of your gensets so they work efficiently – whatever the conditions. Built to withstand extreme environments such as high levels of vibration, we offer best-in-class operation in wide temperature ranges, sunlight, rain, snow, and more. Our range includes rugged, reliable HMIs, hot swap IOs with redundant capabilities, open CODESYS based PLCs and C# customization for customized functions.

Cost-efficient integration for monitoring and access

It’s vital that critical power systems like generators are up-and-running fast. And are easily controlled and supervised, both locally and remotely. Our solutions offer seamless integration with end user systems by industrial grade networking devices for remote access, redundant network communications, and high-power devices like cameras. With global support and application teams we are here to help you minimize any potential downtime. The perfect solution for operations such as manufacturing, data centers and hospitals.

The overview you need for optimal performance

How are your generators working today? Our solutions give you diagnostics about operating time and performance, maintenance scheduling, just-in-time servicing and when to replace consumables. All the data you need for accounting and predictive maintenance. We offer several different ways to remotely access information, as well as Ethernet network switches, 5G gateways, Cloud VPN gateways and converters to integrate other devices for all your critical power requirements.

The right data to the right people for the right decisions

A direct response to power failure is crucial for so many facilities. Our user-friendly solutions for gensets give you the option of on-site and remote supervision and control to get power up and running immediately. Our top-class graphics and smart functions provide intuitive user experiences. The right people get the right data so they can make the right decisions – through standard SMS or email alerts or detailed dashboard information.

Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

You have a vision - We have a way to get you there

Our approach to improve power generation is unique. We believe that talking together is the best way to understand your needs and find an optimal solution that matches your requirements. Let's connect and find the way together.

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Applications to inspire and boost your business

Complete overview and control

A generator does one job. It delivers power to where you need it, when you need it. Our industrial grade HMI solutions come with rugged, intuitive interfaces that make it easy for operators to monitor operating times, respond to alarms and schedule automatic or planned start/stop, etc. Either on-site or from anywhere in the world. Respond directly to SMS and email notifications, proactively work with trends, measure energy output, generate reports and more.

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Remote access and data exchange

Ensure 24/7 uptime, maximum power generation and minimum fuel consumption with data exchange and remote access capabilities. Add managed Ethernet switches and create a reliable redundant network between gensets for power sharing and load balancing. You then enable alternation between different generators and ensure a stable power output. Adding a CloudVPN gateway facilitates remote access for maintenance, support and software updates. And provides on-site personnel with an overview of issues that need correcting – and how to correct.

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5G connectivity – tomorrow’s IIoT services today

A 5G connection together with MQTT clients or OPC UA clients in our HMIs enables IIoT and cloud solutions. That lets you choose the best 3rd party services to enable predictive maintenance, real-time fleet status, site status, fleet reports, trend analyses and more. And present information on a tablet or mobile by real-time dashboards. All to give you actionable insights to maximize output from your gensets.

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Beijer Electronics customers

Your partner for user-friendly solutions

When you partner with Beijer Electronics you work together with a company that offers global coverage with a local presence – one that has than 40 years of experience and expertise in display systems and data communication. Industries benefitting from our technologies include infrastructure, marine, energy, and manufacturing. Our products and services are available wherever you are, backed up by skilled field application engineers.

Customer case

Flexibility for interface solutions

Learn how Beijer Electronics helped Anglo Belgian Corporation (ABC) provide flexibility and modularity to their engine interface solutions. ABC is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of engines for heavy-duty applications, such land-based power generation and locomotion.


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Customer case

Cutting through the noise with X2 HMIs

Hex Power System needed the best electrical anti-noise HMI panels and wanted to increase the lifespan of their products. They needed to find a partner who would proactively suggest innovative solutions and offer best-in-class technical support. That’s why they chose Beijer Electronics.


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Generators – the power you need when you need it

From building sites to camping sites, hospitals to data centers, generators provide electrical power. They can also save lives. They are backup sources that convert fuel to electricity. Their uses are many, and they are necessary where utility electricity is unavailable, or where you only need a temporary power supply for backup.

There are several different types of generators to provide for specific needs. For instance, standby electrical generators that are permanently installed and used to immediately provide electricity to critical loads during temporary interruptions of the utility power supply. Hospitals, communications service installations, data processing centers, sewage pumping stations, and many other important facilities are equipped with standby power generators.

Some standby power generators can automatically detect the loss of grid power, start the motor, run using fuel from a natural gas line, detect when grid power is restored, and then turn itself off with no human interaction.

Privately owned generators are especially popular in areas where grid power is not dependable or unavailable. Trailer-mounted generators can be towed to disaster areas where grid power has been temporarily disrupted.


What to consider about gensets

Here are four factors to consider when looking for a power backup system for your manufacturing site, healthcare facility, office or server park.

How much power do you need?

Power and your budget define your type of generator. Take into account peak power consumption and the amperage of your local power supply when you calculate your needs.

Where should you put your generator?

The best place is close to the fuel supply. A basement is not a good idea in areas prone to flooding, and you need to stress test roofs to make sure they hold the weight of the generator. Maybe place the generator away from the main building where it can be easily accessed for service and maintenance?

What service and maintenance agreements can a provider offer?

Choose a genset supplier who offers installation, service and maintenance. Look at solutions such as ours that offer predictive maintenance data.

Are there any local regulations?

Some countries have different regulations regarding noise and fuel pollution. Knowing that enables you to choose the type of fuel option and whether to buy an open or enclosed generator.

What is a standard display solution?

A standard display solution, also known as an HMI (human-machine interface), is the user interface that connects an operator to the controller for an industrial or technical system. Standard displays translate data from industrial control systems into visual representations of the systems. On the HMI, an operator can see schematics of the systems and interact with different parts of a process e.g., turn switches and pumps on or off, raise or lower temperatures, etc.

Standard displays offer customers a readily available solution out of the box. Standard displays come with predefined screen sizes, mounting options, operating system, programming software, etc. The end of life is fully determined by the manufacturer, but best in class manufacturers offer almost seamless migration from earlier series to newer ones.

The interaction between operator and machine happens most often directly on the touch screen of the displays, but are in some cases combined with keypads, function keys or external keyboards. Standard displays are usually able to communicate directly with a variety of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and other industrial controllers, and additional cloud connectivity is an increasing trend for newer displays. Standard HMIs are most often offered as off-the-shelf products, however with several additional options and some possibilities for customization.


What is a customized display solution?

A customized display solution is very similar to a standard HMI display (human-machine interface) by being the user interface that connects an operator or user to the controller for an industrial, commercial or technical system. Customized display solutions differ from standard HMIs by being specifically tailored for an exact application and a customer in terms of the specific components e.g., the display itself, the required touch sensor, interface board, the SCB, the firmware and software, the enclosure, etc. to match the exact customer needs.

Developing a custom display solution is an advantage as well as a challenge since the customer, in collaboration with the manufacturer, need to make deliberate decisions on many levels to obtain the required product quality, user experience and cost. Choosing a display solution is a commitment, and when handled skillfully by both parties can create an extremely perfected solution providing the required look and feel for an application. The challenge can be drastically minimized when choosing to work with an experienced manufacturer.

Like HMIs, customized display panels translate data from control systems into visual representations of the systems. On the display, an operator can see information from the systems and interact with different parts of it. The interaction between operator and machine happens most often directly on the touch screen of the display, but are in some cases combined with keypads, function keys or external keyboards.


What is data communication?

Data communication means transmitting data from one point to another. There are many ways of doing this, from copper and fibre-optic cables to wireless and cloud connectivity. Within each of these methods there are different components and protocols, and different ways of packaging data.

Data communication components include routers, network switches and remote access devices. Beijer Electronics, along with Korenix, embeds robust data communication into its design philosophy, ensuring customers have access to best-in-class solutions. Data help companies to make decisions based on facts, rather than based on gut feelings, opinions, and emotions. And in mission-critical businesses a reliable availability of solid data is key.

Commercial data communication solutions exist everywhere in applications such as home computing and smart household devices. Here, components are simple and available off-the-shelf, allowing for mass production and ease of use. Industrial data communication takes this concept and embeds it into tougher environments where applications are more complex, and the stakes can be a lot higher. These data communication devices often differ significantly from their commercial counterparts.

Our world-leading IP-based communication products include managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches with PoE, wireless LAN access points, cellular routers and gateways and solutions for remote access. All made to endure industrial settings, and work in the harshest environments.