Software life cycle management

Beijer Electronics software are designed for industrial applications with long term compatibility in mind.

Software naturally has a life cycle where each product eventually reaches end-of-life and is therefore discontinued. However, each product's life cycle and its discontinuation will be influenced by a number of factors. Products may be discontinued because of new and improved products, obsolete technology, changing industry standards, low market demand, etc.

The software life cycle policy helps our customers foresee the product life cycle which helps them to plan and circumvent problems in their current and future applications.

Three well-defined levels of support

For all our software we offer three well-defined levels of support that customers can expect: Full support, Limited support or No support:

Support level
 Active  Limited support
 No support

Technical support with configuration, troubleshooting etc.


 Yes  (Yes)

Application support services*


 Yes  (Yes)

Product maintenance and hotfixes (can be combined with other development)



Security critical hotfixes



Product information online


 Yes  (Yes)

Considerations of proposals for new developments



(Yes) = Depending on availability of spare parts and support expertise for discontinued products.

*Paid service

We provide technical support on Smart Engineering Objects downloaded from our SmartStore. For customer applications/scripting we can only provide guidance how to troubleshoot when the application does not work as intended.

Life cycle policies

Beijer Electronics defines three life cycle policies for software suitable for different products and stages: Evergreen policy, One year upgrade path policy and Discontinued policy.

Evergreen policy

  • The evergreen policy offers full support for the latest released version of the software.
  • When a new version is released the previous version is no longer supported.
  • Customers are expected to upgrade to the latest version when a new version is released.

One-year upgrade path policy

  • One-year upgrade path policy offers full support for the latest released version of the software.
  • When a new version is released the current version is supported under limited support level for one year.

Discontinued policy

  • The discontinued policy implies that no versions of the product/service are in active development of any sorts.
  • Expertise for these products is not maintained and thereby we can only provide limited support.

Life cycle policy overview

In this table you will get an overview of the different software and the related life cycle policy:

Product / Service
Life cycle policy

iX Developer 

One year upgrade

WARP Engineering Studio

One year upgrade



X2 base, X2 base v2, X2 pro, X2 marine, X2 control, X2 extreme images

One year upgrade

X2 web image


BoX2 image

One year upgrade

Information Designer/E-designer


*Communication drivers are included in iX Developer.

Software and related life cycle policy and support status can be found in our SmartStore here.