i4SCADA – State-of-the-art SCADA/HMI software

i4 SCADA is a 100% web-based SCADA/HMI software for machines, building management systems, production and manufacturing plants. All for which state-of-the-art process visualizations with individual design can be created.

i4 SCADA provides the following user benefits:

  • Ideally suited for use in safety-relevant networks and environments by a safety certificate in accordance with the CERT standard.
  • Control functions are carried out safely and reliably, thanks to powerful rights management.
  • Easy-to-create project templates minimize engineering time by extensive libraries with more than 500 controls for a wide variety of applications – extending to automatic generation of applications.
  • Optimal presentation of visualization pages on all browsers and end devices, independently of the operating system, ensured by 100% web technology and responsive design.

Introduction to i4SCADA

Watch a short video introduction of the possibilities with i4SCADA featuring Magnus Buhre, Global product manager for Automation solutions.

HTML5 visualisation through drag & drop

i4SCADA SmartEditor

Create 100% web-based process visualization in a few minutes via drag & drop? With the i4SCADA SmartEditor this is possible.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, after a short familiarization period, even users without programming skills can create professional process visualizations in HTML5 and with responsive design in no time at all.


Easy design of process visualisations

i4 SCADA symbol library

The i4SCADA symbol Library currently offers more than 500 different HTML5 controls – including various first-class controls for professional design of your process visualization.

Content of the i4SCADA symbol library:

  • Static symbols, such as different tank shapes for process engineering applications, floor plans for building management systems, presentation of the background with color gradients and a large number of symbols for general use.
  • Elements for input and output of numeric and alphanumeric values, including plausibility check. For end devices with touch screen a country-specific keyboard can be shown.
  • Text displays with freely selectable font and style, as well as dynamic transition from background color to foreground color depending on signal values.
  • Switches and push buttons for switching units on and off, and for setting values. Every switch can also be parametrized as a pushbutton.
  • Numeric display and seven-segment displays for output of numeric values with physical units in a freely-definable display format. Foreground and background color can be changed over depending on PLC variables.
  • Gauges for graphic display of values on a display scale; scaling and colors can be freely selected.
  • HVAC controls that are predominantly used in building automation.
  • ISA symbols for presentation as RI schema.

Manage project databases professionally

i4SCADA Studio

With i4SCADA Studio, project databases can be created, edited and managed on the basis of Microsoft SQL Server. Here communication with the subordinate PLC systems can be configured, or process variables can be created through import, or they can be created manually via input dialog. In addition to setting up i4SCADA Historian and i4SCADA Alarm Manager, i4SCADA Studio enables parametrization of different languages, user management, script libraries, and add-ons.

i4 SCADA speaks all languages

i4 SCADA Languages

i4SCADA process visualizations can be switched to all major languages at runtime. With i4SCADA Studio, standard texts can be extended with project-specific texts and new languages can be added. The default language with which the process visualization starts, and the languages available for the user can be set for each project. The user can export all texts as a CSV or XML file, and re-import the file after it has been edited.

Efficiently regulate user activities

i4SCADA User management

With user management from i4SCADA, user activities such as setpoint changes, acknowledgement of alarms and changing or storing configuration settings can be enabled and disabled. The user management also includes all functions necessary for FDA certification in accordance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Features of i4SCADA User management:

  • User management during project creation and at runtime.
  • Aggregation of authorizations into authorization groups and user inheritance.
  • Activation and de-activation of users at any time.
  • Adjustable, automatic user logout.
  • Restriction of user logout to one or multiple clients via the PC name or the IP address.
  • User deactivation after a configurable number of failed login attempts.
  • Guidelines for password aging, minimum length, history and password structure.
  • Creating and changing a super administrator with i4SCADA Studio.
  • Recording of all user activities in the operations log.

Smart algorithms for large quantities of data

i4SCADA Server

The i4SCADA Server makes optimum use of available hardware resources – it also processes large quantities of process values from the connected PLC systems almost in real time. Via high-performance, smart push algorithms the i4SCADA Server distributes the preprocessed data without delay to the visualization clients, and it does so at low network load. Only the data that each client needs at the current time is transmitted.

Storing and processing process information

i4SCADA Historian

i4SCADA Historian is an integral component of i4SCADA Runtime: i4SCADA Runtime collects process data almost in real time and stores it in the i4SCADA Historian database. Thanks to the scalable architecture and integrated data compression algorithm, i4SCADA stores the process information in an optimized manner at an extremely low TCO.

For further processing and analysis the data can be transmitted to i4connected, Azure IoT and to other systems via available interfaces. i4SCADA Historian is optimised for use of state-of-the-art hardware and the latest features of Microsoft SQL Server.

With extremely powerful HTML5 control, the data from i4SCADA Historian can be presented together with the online process values in freely configurable graphics, for example as trend curves, bar charts, etc. The versatile settings options can be stored globally, as well as user-specifically (depending on user access rights), and then called-up again.

Trigger and display online alarms

i4SCADA Alarm Manager

The i4SCADA Alarm Manager is an integral component of i4SCADA Runtime – it links the online process values with the stored alarm rules to online alarms in real time. Thanks to classification according to alarm groups, alarm classes and alarm areas, the Alarm Viewer Control displays the alarm messages precisely filtered for the responsible employee. In i4SCADA Studio, alarms can be created in a menu-driven process, or they can be imported as CSV file.

Functions of i4SCADA Alarm Manager:

  • Combining alarms into collective alarms and their acknowledgement with or without comment input.
  • Output of additional information, such as alarm description, duration, status, etc.
  • Determination of alarm processing routines and display options.
  • Context menu with various acknowledgement options.
  • Operator guidance for fast troubleshooting with display of cause, effect and fault rectification instructions.
  • Powerful filtering options with multiple selection, e.g. filters for groups and types.
  • Availability of all functions via a powerful API; can be called directly from the program code.

Download i4SCADA demo software

Try out the demo version of i4SCADA.


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