EtherCAT servo drive

  • EtherCAT slave node
  • Input voltage 3-phase 400-480 VAC
  • Output power 3.5 kW
  • Output current 10.1 A
  • Motor autodetect and adapt
  • Universal encoder
  • STO safety
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General description

Article number 71483
Warranty 1 year


IP Class IP20
Size 169x88x197 mm
Weight 2.5 kg

Ambient conditions

Environment Indoors in an area free from corrosive or combustible gases, liquids, or dust.
Humidity 90% RH or less (no condensation)
Temperature range Operating: 0 to 50 C°, Storage: -20 to +65 C°

Input ratings

Control supply voltage 380 to 480VAC
Mains supply voltage 3-phase 380-480VAC
Overload capacity 300 % for 3 s
Supply frequency 50 to 60 Hz
Voltage fluctuations -15 to +10%

Output ratings

Rated power 3.5 kW


Encoder type Quadrature(Incremental) BiSS-B, BiSS-C(Absolute, Incremental) Tamagawa Serial(Absolute, Incremental) EnDat 2.2 Sinusoidal, Analog Hall


Built-in brake resistor Yes
Built-in brake transistor Yes

Dynamic braking

Dynamic brake Yes

Control specifications

Control modes Profile Position Mode Profile Velocity Mode Profile Torque Mode Cyclic Synchronous Position Mode Cyclic Synchronous Velocity Mode Cyclic Synchronous Torque Mode Homing Mode
Frequency response Maximum 1Khz or above (when using 19-bit serial encoder)
Speed control range Maximum 1:5000
Torque control repeatibility Within ±1%
Tuning modes On line auto gain tuning Resonance filters Vibration supression

Control terminals

Analog inputs Input voltage range : -10[V] ~ +10[V] Function : Analog torque limit Total 1 input channel (not allocable)
Analog outputs Total 2 input channels (allocable)
Digital inputs Input Voltage range : DC 12[V] ~ DC 24[V] Total 8 input channels (allocable) The listed 15 functions can be used selectively for assignment. (*POT, *NOT, *HOME, *STOP, *PCON, *GAIN2, *P_CL, *N_CL, PROBE1, PROBE2, EMG, A_RST, SVON, LVSF1, LVSF2) Note) * Basic allocation signal
Digital transistor outputs Signal rating: DC 24[V] ±10%, 120[㎃] Total 4 input channels (allocable) The listed 11 functions can be used selectively for assignment. (*BRAKE±, *ALARM±, *READY±, *ZSPD±, INPOS±, TLMT±, ,VLMT±, INSPD±, WARN±, TGON±, INPOS2±) Note) * Basic allocation signal


Safety 2 input channels (STO1, STO2), 1 output channel (EDM)


EtherCAT Yes
Modbus RTU No
Communication connector RJ45 (1 input, 1 output)
DC-clock cycle time 250 μs

Standard compliances

Applied directives EMC EN 61800-3:2004 + A1:2012 LVD: EN 61800-5-1:2007 STO Safety: EN 61508-1:2010, EN 61508-2:2010, EN 61508-3:2010, EN 61508-4:2010, EN ISO 13849-1:2008/AC, SIL 2, Category 3 PLd, EN 61800-5-2:2007

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EtherCAT servo drive

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