Digital input/output (combo module)

  • 8 Digital inputs and outputs
  • 24 VDC
  • Input (sink) and output (source)
  • Combo module
  • Hotswap
  • 18pt removable terminal block (RTB18C)
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General description

Article number 100-8213
Warranty 2 year
Article status Active
Shock operating IEC 60068-2-27 (15G)
Vibration resistence Sine vibration (based on IEC 60068-2-6), DNVGL-CG-0339 (Vibration Class B, 4G)
Industrial emissions EN 61000-6-4/A11: 2011
Industrial immunity EN 61000-6-2 : 2019
Horisontal, Vertical
Power dissipation 45mA maximum @ 5.0Vdc
Isolation I/O to Logic : Photocoupler isolation
Field power Supply voltage : 24Vdc nominal, Voltage range : 15~28.8Vdc, Power dissipation : 55mA @ 24Vdc
Weight 72g
Module size 12mm x 110mm x 72mm


General CE, FCC, UL, cUL
Hazardous ULC1D2, ATEX (Zone2)
Marine DNV GL
Safety UL508, CAN/CSA C22.2 No.142-M1987


Mounting 35mm DIN rail
Operating temperature -25 ~ 60℃
Storage temperature -40 ~ 85℃
UL temperature -25 ~ 60℃
Relative humidity 5 ~ 90% non-condensing

Digital input module specifications

Indicators 8 Green input state
Inputs per module 8 Digital input (sink)
OFF state voltage 6Vdc @ 25℃
ON state current 5.75mA maximum/point @28.8Vdc
ON state voltage 24Vdc nominal, Min. 9Vdc to Max. 28.8Vdc
Input filter Adjustable, up to 10ms
Nominal input impedance 14.8K ohm typical
Input signal delay OFF to ON : 0.2ms Max, ON to OFF : 0.3ms Max

Digital output module specifications

Indicators 8 Green output state
Outputs per module 8 Digital output (source)
Output current rating Max. 0.5A per channel / Max. 4A per unit
Output signal delay OFF to ON : 0.1ms maximumON to OFF : 0.3ms maximum
ON state min current 1mA per channel
Output voltage range Nominal 24Vdc, Min. 15Vdc to Max. 28.8Vdc
ON state voltage Max. 0.5Vdc @ -25℃ ~ 60℃
OFF state leakage current Max. 10uA
Field power OFF state voltage 5.0Vdc @ 25℃
Protection Over Current limit : 1.9A@ 25℃ per each channels, Thermal Shutdown : 175℃, Short circuit protection


Cable guide

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Information document

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Beijer M-series Caution and Warning (ATEX & RoHS) Rev.3.02 2022-11-11 08:55:42


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Digital input/output (combo module)

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