BCS Tools

A complete tool

  • Development, debugging, configuration, simulation and commissioning in one software.
  • Based on CODESYS IEC 61131-3 programming with all editors (FBD, LD, IL, ST, SFC, CFC)
  • Four versions available - Lite, Basic, Professional and Advanced.

BCS Tools Lite

The limited, free version of the software.

BCS Tools Basic

Covers the vast majority of requirements for the vast majority of applications.

BCS Tools Professional

For users with exceptional support needs and/or unlimited I/O requirements.

BCS Tools Advanced

For users with further support needs and/or unlimited I/O requirements.

Advanced functions

  • Offers more advanced functions than the standard CODESYS development tool: Project wizard, bus interrupt configuration, redundancy features and configuration, bus expansion method, SNTP/SOE configuration, graphical bus configuration, advanced PID function block, Modbus implementation and editor, diagnostics on variables, diagnostics explorer, tag and description configuration, project profiles, etc. plus all “standard” advanced functions such as  variables process handling, mathematical functions, PID control blocks, timers, etc.
  • Supports third party function libraries e.g. from CODESYS store, OSCAT, etc.

Secure with full documentation

  • Full source-code storage, comments, tags and application project descriptions, in addition to different access levels to controllers and information through user login, user groups, passwords and specific access rights.

Easy commissioning

  • Real-time data viewing and forcing of digital and analog variables.
  • Debugging with breakpoints and step by step execution.
  • Trace functions to monitor internal variables in Nexto.

Web services

  • Web pages server for diagnostics and product updates.
  • SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) for synchronization of PLC clocks on a network.
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol)  to monitor and control variables in the Nexto environment.

BCS Tools Lite

Download the limited, free version of the software.


Download BCS Tools