Celebrating 40 years at the forefront of technology

We are a people company. Our experienced, skilled and passionate people empower you to meet your challenges through best-in-class, user-friendly solutions. We are a technology company. We help you optimize processes through our software, hardware and services, and through our support. Connecting people and technologies gives you the means to accomplish your goals and ambitions, and gain a competitive edge in today’s digitalized world.

Since the start in 1981, Beijer Electronics has been headquartered in Malmö, southern Sweden. Over the years, the company has expanded internationally, and is represented in Europe, Asia and the Americas through proprietary offices and carefully selected value added distributors (VAD).

Sales and support resources are located in all three regions. Maintaining a long term local presence is an important part of Beijer Electronics growth strategy.


By people. For people.

Watch our brand image trailer and see who we are, what we offer, who we help and where our hardware, software and services can be found.

Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life

Solutions in our everyday lives

Take a look around. People use technology in almost every aspect of our daily lives. And wherever there are processes to control and optimize, information to digitalize and visualize, there is a need for smart solutions. Its in this interaction between people and technology where Beijer Electronics is the bridge-builder. Here are some of the places Beijer Electronics has an impact on your everyday life: Marine, Buildings, Energy, Transportation, Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Water and waste water.

Our offering

Operator communication

Create leading, interactive, user-experiences for any environment enabled by strong, stylish, smart HMIs and open software.

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Automation solutions

Accomplish advanced automation challenges through smart open, industry solutions to reduce complexity and engineering time.

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Accelerate automation solutions with digitalization via smart cloud and web based solutions, services and easy-to-use tools.

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Our vision

Beijer Electronics is a multinational, cross-industry innovator that connects people and technologies to optimize processes for business-critical applications. As experts in user-friendly software, hardware and services for the Industrial Internet of Things, we empower you to meet your challenges through leading-edge solutions.

Strategic statements of direction

Our company is built on the knowledge, experience and passion of our people.

We drive long term customer relationships by delivering continuous value.

Launch recurring revenue models to accelerate our growth and profitability.

We innovate and develop smart automation solutions within our core offer.

Our market focus is built on actively selecting customers based on our ability to optimize and improve their business.

We use technology in smart ways to simplify engineering challenges for our customers.



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