Beijer Electronics China won "Product of the Year Award"


With the in-depth implementation of the national big data strategy and data being clearly defined as a new production factor, various industries are paying more and more attention to promoting digital transformation, and the fusion of digitalization, networking and intelligence is becoming a characteristic of this stage. According to the "Guidance on the Development of Industrial Big Data" issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it is proposed to promote industrial data convergence and sharing, integration and innovation, enhance data governance, strengthen data security management, and focus on building an industrial big data ecosystem with abundant resources, prosperous applications, industrial progress and orderly governance.

On December 8th, 2022, the Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit China and the 2022 CEC Best Product Award Ceremony was successfully held online by Control Engineering China. With the theme of "Digital Intelligence Empowerment the Way to Transformation", the summit has interpreted the global cutting-edge digital frontier technology development trend, shared the successful applications of industry enterprises and partners in the field of intelligent manufacturing and IIoT. The summit attracted a number of societies, associations and alliances in the field of industrial control automation as well as leading domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate online.

Roger Chen, Sales Manager of Beijer Electronics, was invited to deliver a speech on the topic of "Smarter Industrial Wireless", sharing the applications of Beijer Electronics and Korenix in the field of industrial wireless by introducing specific customer cases and initiating an in-depth exchange with the online audience, aiming to learn from each other and exploring new opportunities for win-win cooperation in the future.

The annual CONTROL ENGINEERING China Product Awards are the most authoritative product awards for industrial control, automation and instrumentation in China. Adhering to the purpose of the Engineers' Choice Awards of CONTROL ENGINEERING magazine in America, all awards are voted by readers. The selection process is standardized, fair and transparent, the readers' votes can bring out the products that are representative of state of the art technology and provide guidance for users to make decisions on technology upgrade and product selection.

This year, there are more than 200 latest products released in the industrial control, automation and instrumentation industry to participate in the competition, Beijer Electronics with JetWave 2512 series industrial cellular router/gateway to participate in the selection, won the industrial wireless category "Best Product of the Year Award"!


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