Beijer Electronics launches WARP 1.20 – New products support and updates


Beijer Electronics is proud to present the latest version of WARP Engineering Studio 1.20 offering support of new products and updates.

In WARP Engineering Studio version 1.20, the following is introduced:

  • The Dashboard object which secures easy connection and workflow with acirro+ cloud and enables users to quickly edit and view live Dashboards connected to their organization.
  • The X2 extreme control devices with support of CODESYS 3.5 SP13 P3 enabling both EtherCAT and Modbus fieldbus communication as previous X2 control HMIs.
  • The BoX2 pro motion device allowing the user to connect BSD servo drives and distributed IOs via EtherCAT.
  • The Generic devices for Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP make it flexible to include third part devices into the workspace of WARP. The default picture can be replaced to make it flexible for the user. WARP prepares the CODESYS application with slave parameters for the Modbus channel to speed up the integration with the other remote devices on the fieldbus.
  • Startup parameters for EtherCAT communication of G series distributed IOs is now included, completing the startup parameters together with previously included Modbus RTU/TCP.
  • Updated warp packages for all BFI-E3/H3/P2 inverters and for compact Nexto Xpress controller with BCS Tools 3.20 support.
  • Functionality to scale Raw to Engineering values with calculation in CODESYS has been introduced that increases the accuracy and let CODESYS do the calculation for each variable instead of pre-made constants.
  • Easy adjustment of all table views in WARP, now sortable, movable and adjustable in size.
  • The Packages view include the icons loaded from SmartStore to make it more intuitive to identify all devices and smart objects.

WARP enables you to create integrated HMI, control, drives and data communication solutions. What used to take days to set up, can be up and running in a few minutes.

Click here and more about WARP Engineering Studio.

Click here to download WARP 1.20 and try the software.