New iX Developer release - iX 2.50


We are happy to introduce the iX Developer 2.50 featuring new functionality, cyber security improvements and fixes.

The new iX Developer 2.50:

  • Addresses a cyber security vulnerability in SQLite and in zlib with updated libraries.
  • Provides added functionality to avoid accidental project transfer
    • A feature where the user can prevent project transfer with a password

    iX 2.50

    • When a new project transfer is initiated, the user will need to provide a password

    iX 2.50

    • If password is forgotten, project need to be deleted directly from the panel
  • Updated hardware support
    • Added support for BoX2 base v2
  • Removed support for:
    • Windows CE 6 panels
    • iX Integrator
    • Classic OPC
    • Macro-extensions
    • Applet VNC viewer and web access
    • Screen carousel, deprecated
  • Upgraded demo projects to match the new version of iX Developer
  • + more than 20 bugs corrected

Click here to visit our Smartstore, download and install iX 2.50.

Learn more about iX here.