Smart engineering resources: Off-the-shelf engineering

You know that feeling when things work as they should? We do too. It’s in our interest to make you more competitive and to date, we have done this by providing industry-leading hardware, software and support. We are now enhancing our portfolio with our concept of Smart engineering resources. 

Smart engineering resources are our FAE’s real-world experience compressed into ready-made, available downloads. Smart engineering resources are ready-made software building blocks and can cover anything from a simple application function, a C# script example, a CODESYS library to a complete industry solution. In short, it is helpers written by engineers.


In this paper, we will look at:

  • What are Smart engineering resources?
  • Who is the intended user?
  • How Smart engineering will give you a competitive edge
  • How to get started


The benefits of Smart engineering

The nature of Smart engineering resources is to help you be agile and adapt your solution to your needs. With ready-made resources, you will be up and running faster. The idea is not having to start from scratch, but to merge your and our expertise and know-how, together.


This is what you can do with Smart engineering resources:

  1. Solve a specific problem and do it well
    With Smart engineering resources you will get years of experience from our FAE’s within a few clicks. These are time-saving libraries, packaged and ready to go! It can vary from a script sample, a CODESYS library, a screen in iX HMI software to some example code.
  2. Add new functionality quickly and easily
    Let’s say you are looking for a new function, for example integration of a barcode reader – Smart engineering resources offers a library with out-of-the-box functionality.
  3. Adhere to quality procedures and well-documented;
    All blocks available in Smart engineering resources are built from real life applications running in the field. They have been tested by our FAE’s so that you do not have to worry about the details, we have done it for you. 
  4. Ability to blend into existing code
    You can add a Smart engineering resource to your application without affecting existing code. This can be done at any time. 


Who is the user of Smart engineering resources? 

When we developed Smart engineering resources, it was created with both makers of things and owners of things in mind, in order to make their lives easier. While makers of things get a faster time to market, owner of things are able to reduce downtime and engineering and the ability to improve and add functionality at any time. Quality assured. 


How Smart engineering resources can give you a competitive edge

With Smart engineering resources you are able to get high-quality functionality that is well tested and well documented. This means your engineers can use their time to focus on how to optimize your application and not the basic functionality of your solution.


How to get started

Getting started is meant to be easy. With Smart engineering resources you will get years of experience from our FAE’s within a few clicks, and they are available in our Smartstore. Follow the steps below, and test it out:


  1. Sign into your account on Beijer Electronics website 
  2. Download a Smart engineering resource from SmartStore 
  3. Unpack and show the documentation 
  4. Import the Smart engineering resource in iX HMI software and BCS tools
  5. Download to your device 
  6. And you are up and running!

If you should run into any issues during the integration, Beijer Electronics support is here to help. 

Get a head start with smart engineering

Smart engineering resources are program snippets and functions that cover anything from script modules, iX Developer screens and templates, BCS Tools examples, iX demo projects, a function for a sensor, to complete industry solutions. All tested and well-documented to help you save time and be helpful in your projects..

With smart engineering resources, we want to make the knowledge and best practices of our support and field application engineers available in a format that is easy to access and easy to integrate.


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