Bringing people and technology together

Beijer Electronics have unveiled a clear new vision of the company’s values, strategy and branding - and the new tagline reads: People & Technology. Connected. This strengthened brand positioning clarifies the strategy and direction for Beijer Electronics and helps customers to fully understand who we are and how we can support their goals and ambitions to assure a competitive edge in today’s digitalized world. 

Here, Sinéad Branagan, VP EMEA, Berndt Köhring, President APAC, and Alan Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing, Americas discuss what the new brand identity means to them - and to Beijer Electronics customers around the world.


Why did you see the need for a strengthened brand identity?

Sinéad Branagan: I would say this is not a sudden transition, but it reflects a gradual evolution. We, as a company, are driven by globalization, digitalization and urbanization. Traditionally, we have been thought of as being only Scandinavian-based. As only a HMI manufacturer. But we are so much more than that. This is us telling our story to the world and explaining exactly who we are. We want people to understand what our “Why?” is. Why we do this, and why we've always done this.

Berndt Köhring: As Sinéad says, the world is changing, and that drives companies to innovate new technologies faster than ever. We want and need to emphasize that it is still people behind these innovations. When we develop technical products and solutions - it is always to help the people we work with - in other words, our customers and collaborators.


The strengthened brand identity has been positively received by employees and stakeholder. The new brand song “Connected” is performed here by Sinéad Branagan, Beijer Electronics' VP EMEA and professional singer-song-writer.


What does the tagline “People & Technology. Connected.” represent?

SB: It shows we are the bridge builder between people and technology. Our tagline reflects both our heritage and our DNA, and it highlights the fact that technology helps people in everyday life. “Connected” basically iterates where we are going. It clearly shows that our business is "digital forward” and that we nurture digital ecosystems throughout our entire solution portfolio.

What would you say is the strength in the new messaging?

SB: We use the phrase “By People. For People.” a lot. An organization's strategy, products, and their systems can be copied or even improved, but the one thing you can never replicate is your people. The effectiveness of your team and your culture is, in my opinion, the ultimate competitive advantage. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you don't have a winning culture, you'll never reach your true potential. It’s easy to say “We go the extra mile for our customers.” Well, I always say “We go an extra Swedish mile" and that’s six times longer than the British one!

How should your customers perceive the new messaging of “People & Technology. Connected.”?

Alan Williams: I hope that our customers will become more aware of our commitment to their success in this messaging. The technology is only a part of what our customers need to support them with their challenges. The actual solution involves people, processes, and technology. For our customers to be successful, we need to commit ourselves to understanding all three of these elements. If we were to only focus on technology, we would be just another product vendor!
SB: We've worked hard to develop loyal customers, and we see this as very different to just satisfied customers. Loyal customers put their reputation on the line for us. They are passionate. They care. They collaborate with us and together, we win. They are our nucleus. We want them to share in this journey with us. It’s important that our branding and our messaging captures and expresses both the heart and the soul of our company.
BK: For us, trust is a key driver. We want our customers to instinctively understand that we are innovative and future-oriented. That we have deep knowledge in the technologies we develop.


What are your hopes and aspirations of the future for Beijer Electronics?

SB: My hope is that, by utilizing the insight, the energy and the motivation of like-minded individuals both internally and externally, that we will cultivate brand loyalty and stimulate ongoing growth both financially, obviously, but also in terms of knowledge and a wider, deeper understanding of what we do and what we stand for.

I started off working for our company in field sales, and then moved over into key account management and distribution management. And it's only two years ago that I was promoted to Vice President. So, I was the soldier! I’ve experienced all of this change myself. It is a great privilege to be leading this initiative now. And the exciting thing is that we are not limited to one direction. Ultimately, we don't know where this is going to take us, but we are all on this journey together.
BK: I think the idea of togetherness is vital. It always comes back to the people, not just in our own organization, but everyone we work with. I hope that this new positioning will help us spread the word across the APAC region that we are an innovative, successful company with smiling people who are driven, committed and passionate about what they do.
AW:My sincere hope is that our customers see our commitment to their success, and I believe we can achieve this by having the perfect synergy of just that: People & Technology. Connected.


From the left: Sinéad Branagan, VP EMEA, Berndt Köhring, President APAC, and Alan Williams, Director of Sales & Marketing, Americas


Background information

The new messaging includes a new focus on five main complementary areas where Beijer Electronics can drive the new message around people and technology forward: 

  • Operator communication - We create leading and interactive user experiences for any environment, enabled by our very strong, stylish and smart HMIs and software solutions
  • Automation solutions - We use smart concepts and smart objects to help customers with any automation challenge - reducing complexity and engineering time
  • Digitalization - Our focus is to accelerate our automation solution portfolio with digitization and through the cloud, providing web-based services and easy-to-use tools that customers love
  • Display solutions - Our USP is that we offer a completely flexible service to give the customer a fully-integrated solution based on their unique needs  
  • Our incredible support team - We have support staff in EMEA, APAC and the Americas so we know we can provide knowledge and expertise to all our customers 24 hours a day