Article number 62587

  • Output power 200 kW
  • Output 3x400 VAC, 370 A
  • Input voltage 3x380-480 VAC
  • IP20
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General description

Article number 62587
Warranty 2 year


IP class IP20
Physical size Size 8
Measurements (H x W x D) 974 mm x 444 mm x 423 mm
Weight 125 kg
Typical power loss at rated power 2 % of rated power
Main switch No
Built in Main switch, control switch and potentiometer No
Conformal coated PCBs Yes, IEC 60721-3-3, 3S2/3C2

Output ratings

Output voltage 3 x 400 VAC
Rated motor current 370 A
Overload capacity 110% for 60 seconds, 150% for 15 seconds
Motor power 200 kW
Output frequency 0 – 250Hz, 0.1Hz resolution
Supported motor types 3 phase AC induction (IM), AC permanent magnet (PM), Brushless DC (BLDC), Synchronous reluctance (SynRM)
Built-in brake transistor No
Regenerative capacity No brake transistor

Input ratings

Supply voltage 380 – 480VAC ± 10%
Voltage fluctuations +/- 10%
Phase imbalance 3% maximum allowed
Displacement factor > 0.98
Supply frequency 48 – 62Hz
Power cycles 120 per hour maximum, evenly spaced
Total harmonic current distorsion EN61000-3-12

Control specification

Control modes V/F Voltage Vector, Energy Optimised V/F, Sensorless Vector Speed Control, Sensorless Vector Torque Control, Synchronous Reluctance Motor Control, Brushless DC Motor Control, Closed Loop (Encoder) Speed Control, Closed Loop (Encoder) Torque Control, Open Loop PM Vector Control
Current/torque limitation Torque and current limitation
PWM frquency 4-32 kHz effective
Stopping mode Ramp to Stop: User Adjustable 0.1 – 6000 seconds. Fast stop. Coast to Stop
Braking Motor Flux Braking
Skip frequency Yes
Analog setpoint control 0 to 10V, 10 to 0V, −10 to 10V, 0 to 20mA, 20 to 0mA, 4 to 20mA, 20 to 4mA
Digital setpoint control 8 fixed speeds, Motorised Potentiometer, Internal PLC, Keypad, Modbus RTU, BACnet, Optional: PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat, PROFINET, Modbus TCP, CC-Link


Modbus RTU Yes, 9.6 - 115.2 kbps (8N1, 8N2, 8E1, 8O1)
BACnet MS/TP Built-in
Modbus TCP Yes, external option
Ethernet IP Yes, external option
EtherCat Yes, external option
Profinet IO Yes, external option
Profibus DP(DPV1) Yes, external option
Device Net Yes, external option
CC-Link Yes, external option
CAN open No


Programmable display Yes
Multi language OLED display TFT Display
External OLED display Yes, TFT Display
LED display No


PID-control Yes with sleep/wake up functionality
Spin start Yes
Pump dry protection Yes
Pump prime and burst protection Yes
Stir function Yes
Motor pre-heat Yes
Broken impeller and broken belt detection Yes
Automatic cleaning for pumps Yes
Bypass control Yes
Fire mode Yes

Control terminals

Power supply 100 mA @ 24 VDC, 20 mA @ 10 VDC
Inputs 5 in total, 3 Digital, 2 Analog or Digital, selectable
Digital inputs 10-30 V DC, PNP, Response time: < 4 msec, Internal or external supply
Analog inputs Resolution:12 bit, Response time: <4 msec; Accuracy: <± 2% of full scale, Adjustable scaling
Outputs 4 total, 2 relays, 2 analog or digital
Digital transistor outputs 24VDC/20 mA, Internal supply
Relay outputs Maximum Voltage: 250 VAC, 30 VDC Switching Current Capacity: 6A AC, 5A DC
Analog outputs 0 to 10 Volt, 0 to 20mA, 4 to 20mA
Safety inputs 2
Extra IOs Yes, internal option

Control features

Speed control Master/slave Yes, Master and slave
Modbus master functionality Yes, Master and slave
Advanced hoist control No
Built-in PLC Yes

Standard compliances

Low voltage directive 2014/35/EU
EMC directive 2014/30/EU
Conformance CE, UL, cUL
Machine directive 2006/42/EC
Marine approvals No
Safe torque OFF Cat 3/PL"d" According to ISO 13849-1, SIL CL 2 According to EN61800-5-2 / EN62061 / IEC61508
Restriction of hazardous substances RoHS2
Registration evaluation and authorisation of chemicals Reach
Harmonics EN 61000-3-12
Earth leakage current EN 61800-5-1: 2007. Test techniques EN 60990:2000. 1x230 VA < 2,5 mA, 3x400VAC < 4,65 during runing
DC Bus discharge time EN 61800-5-1:2007
Electrostatic discharge EN 61800-3:2004+A1-2012. Test techniques EN 61000-4-2:2009.
Dielectric strength 61800-5-1: 2007
Surge EN 61800-3: 2004+A1-2012. Test techniques EN 61000-4-5:2006.
Electrical fast transient burst EN 61800-3: 2004+A1-2012. Test techniques EN 61000-4-4:2004.

Ambient conditions

Temperature operation -10 to 50 °C
Humidity 95% max, non-condensing


Fault memory Last 4 Trips stored with time stamp
Data logging Logging of data prior to trip, Current, Temperature, DC Bus Voltage
Maintenence indicator Yes. Onboard service life monitoring
Monitoring Hours Run Meter, kWh/MWh meter



File name Date
Alarm code running single phase motor with 3-phase output BFI 2022-10-05 14:15:33
Alarm, Excessive DC-rippel 2022-09-20 08:42:39
Modbus TCP gateway OPT-3-MTPEG-BFI - Reset IP address to default 2023-06-21 10:24:55
Problems with EMC noise 2023-06-21 13:41:56
BFI-P2 and BFI-H3. Manual Run from Keypad. 2023-06-21 10:31:54
BFI cable connectors of fork type 2023-06-21 10:33:56
24 VAC connected to terminal 1 will damaged the drive 2022-09-26 15:29:00
BFI - Radiated and conducted emissions 2024-03-22 13:14:05
BFI - Clarifications of BFI SmartStick options 2024-03-22 12:09:19
BFI H3 P2 Auto Reset Whwn trip 2024-02-08 09:01:25
Main switch in IP66 BFI-P2, BFI-E3 and BFI-H3 2024-01-09 09:10:50
Input Phase Loss Detection 2022-11-16 17:03:47
Alarm O-I Instantaneous over current on drive output 2022-10-05 14:15:56
Alarm, INHIBIT 2022-10-05 14:15:37
Application Note BFI-H3, Fire Mode Operation 2023-03-07 09:37:31
Application Note BFI-H3, Bypass Operation 2023-01-26 14:31:50
Application note BFI-H3. Pump clean function 2023-01-26 14:31:47
Application note BFI-H3. Multi Pump Cascade control, DOL 2023-01-26 14:31:05
Application Note BFI-H3, Locking Parameters to Prevent Changes 2023-01-26 14:31:49
Default network settings OPT-3-MTPEG-BFI and BFI-E3-MTP 2024-01-16 11:19:54
OLED Remote External Keypad, Working with Multiple Drive Networks 2022-10-05 15:02:58
Single phase motors run by BFI-E3/H3/P2 2022-10-05 14:14:55
DC-ripple 2022-10-05 15:14:27
Fans, external cooling fans 2022-10-05 14:15:53
Application Note BFI-H3, Optiflow Multi Pump Cascade Control 2023-01-26 14:31:50
Application Note BFI-H3, Setting the Motor Nameplate Details 2023-01-26 14:31:47
PID-control. Scaling of actual processvalue in display and unit 2022-10-05 14:15:55
BFI-H3, PID reference/setpoint from Fieldbus 2022-10-05 14:15:56
BFI - User-defined process data for cyclic data exchange 2024-01-02 13:22:15
Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP communication at the same time 2022-10-05 15:11:16
Thermal protection inside motor connected to BFI-E3/P2/H3 2022-09-26 15:29:02
Emergency runing by a digital signal when normal running by Fieldbus/Ethernet 2022-10-05 14:15:55
Application Note BFI-H3, PID-control 2023-01-26 14:31:50
Application Note BFI-H3, Setting up Acceleration and Deceleration Ramp Rates 2023-01-26 14:31:48
Application Note BFI-H3, Setting the Required Stopping Mode 2023-01-26 14:31:48
CC-Link communication 2022-10-05 14:15:54
BFI Tools wants to Update in Windows 10 2023-09-21 14:56:42
Forced manual control when runing Fieldbus control 2022-10-05 14:15:54


File name Date
Brochure HVAC Inverter BFI-H3 (English) 2024-02-26 10:59:48
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Article number 62587

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