WebIQ, your web-based HMI / SCADA system

With WebIQ, you can create stunning professional and performant web HMIs and SCADA systems that allow you to distinguish your HMI from your competition, using 100% web technology. WebIQ is built with open web technologies (OPC-UA, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript) and supports responsive layouts, so your HMI will work on your machine as well as on your tablet.

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Here's why you should use WebIQ

100% web-based

WebIQ allows you to easily create your own widgets and libraries using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. Your HMI doesn't need any browser plugins, just open web standards. Yes, it works on smartphones and tablets too! Because WebIQ is a legacy-free system, we've always used web technologies. Our engineering tool, WebIQ Designer, uses web technologies.

Fully responsive

WebIQ HMIs are built with responsive design from the start, whether it's a display directly on the machine or a mobile device. HMIs can adapt to different displays smoothly - even when you switch from landscape to portrait mode on your tablet. This is the benefit of web technologies that support responsive design by default.

Low code

WebIQ Designer allows you to create an HMI using drag-and-drop. Connect a PLC, style the HMI to your corporate CI, and you're done. Create Composite Widgets and reuse them in your HMI, or save certain parts as widget templates to reuse them. Additionally, parts of one HMI can be exported and imported. You write your own JavaScript and CSS code and create your own widgets. Usually, you don't have to.

Open platform

Even though we offer custom HMIs and widgets, you are not dependent on us for new features or custom widgets. You only need HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create a WebIQ widget - and you can find plenty of resources online if you need help getting started. With extensive online documentation and information on web development, you have a lot of freedom. Integrate open-source libraries and frameworks instead of reinventing the wheel.

Continuous improvement

The continuous improvement of the software with multiple releases per year adds new features and corrects errors on a regular basis. Using agile software development ensures a short time-to-market - this allows us to respond quickly to changing requirements and integrate new features quickly. Customer input is also encouraged, and feedback from customers is often implemented promptly.

Edge-based system

In addition to being an edge-based system, WebIQ can be used directly as a cloud data hub. With WebIQ's web-based design and open standards, there is no restriction on the WebIQ Runtime's location as data can be routed via standard network technologies (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS with TLS).


WebIQ - anywhere, anyhow

WebIQ can be deployed and used in many different devices and ways, giving you the optimal freedom in designing and using HMI solutions to fit your requirements perfectly.

Your choice of platform

You can deploy WebIQ on many different hardware platforms. In our X2 web panel, but also on other devices such as our box PCs, programmable IOs and more coming up soon.

Your choice of operation

No matter on which hardware platform you deploy your WebIQ application, you can freely choose whether you want to interact with it on a fixed HMI panel, on a smartphone or on a tablet anywhere else.

Your choice of overview

With WebIQ you can decide on the level of detail and overview to fit different purposes. From monitoring or controlling a single machine to having full overview of one or more production lines. The choice is yours.


Features in WebIQ

There is a lot of features built into WebIQ. It is no longer necessary to code everything from scratch, to write a lot of code, or to have it only work on Windows. The HTML5 web technology enables you to do everything you can on any other website and also visualize and control PLC data in any modern web browser.

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Tutorial videos

Here you will find tutorial videos. The videos showcase cool WebIQ features and tutorials ideal for both beginners as well as professionals who want to create excellent HMIs with WebIQ.

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Manual - WebIQ Designer


Read the manual here

Changelog - WebIQ Designer & Runtime


Read the manual here


Download WebIQ

Download and use the WebIQ Designer and Server App to design and run your web HMI on a touch-panel, PC, tablet or smartphone. The WebIQ Designer and Server App are available in 32 and 64 bit versions here in our SmartStore.

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