Distributed CODESYS control

Distributed CODESYS controls

Advance to powerful IEC 61131-3 CODESYS control

Upgrade your normal distributed IO solution to an advanced CODESYS control solution by simply replacing the normal G series network adapter with a CODESYS controller module. The powerful CODESYS-based alternative to a traditional compact or modular PLC.

Same speed, more memory, unbeatable functionality

The G series CODESYS controller gives you program speed that’s every bit as fast as the classic compact PLC. With even more memory available for your applications. CODESYS offers access to superior amounts of instructions than a conventional compact PLC. The distributed controller lets you create complex control applications and enjoy more functionality for your money.


Powerful IEC 61131-3 CODESYS control at hand

Fast program execution combined with generous program memory and CODESYS' large instruction set means you can create complex projects that would otherwise require a modular PLC system. This makes the distributed CODESYS controller with integrated IEC 61131-3 PLC functionality a perfect choice for OEMs, machine builders and for other industrial applications.

CODESYS controller modules

The CODESYS controller modules offer integrated IEC 61131-3 PLC functionality, retain memory, built-in network adapter, etc.


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One system fits all solutions, satisfies all requirements

Stand-alone applications

A powerful IEC 61131-3 alternative to a traditional compact PLC. The perfect fit for applications with a smaller physical footprint.

Same application, different platforms

Reuse or deploy the same control application on different hardware platforms e.g. X2 HMIs with integrated CODESYS motion and PLC functionality.

Control application with distributed I/O nodes

For larger applications with I/O nodes located near the field devices to reduce wiring costs.

Master and slave applications

Perfect for modular machines or applications requiring fast local program execution where a central controller manages self-controlled sub-stations.

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