Beijer Electronics wins the Malmö City Business Award – Malmö Company of the Year!

Together with all employees at Beijer Electronics, we accept this award with great joy, gratitude, and pride says Kristine Lindberg, CEO of Beijer Electronics.

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In vital industries

People use technology in almost every aspect of our daily lives. Wherever there are processes to control and optimize there is a need for smart automation solutions. In the video you can see some of the industries where we have an impact on everyday life.


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People & Technology. Connected.

We help you optimize business-critical processes through our software, hardware and services, and through our support. Connecting people and technologies gives you the means to accomplish your goals and ambitions, and gain a competitive edge in today’s digitalized world. Watch our brand film and see who we are, what we offer and where our hardware, software and services can be found.


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